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As we begin this new year of 2016, I would like to share with you some exciting developments at the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute (ASRI) and Transform Press. For a few years now, ASRI and Transform Press have been growing into distinct organizations, and I am pleased to announce that they are now officially separate sister institutions. My daughter Wendy Tucker, who worked closely with Sasha at Transform Press for many years, is now the legal owner of that enterprise and is moving forward with her own vision for its development. ASRI is helmed by Paul Daley, Scott Bodarky, and Tania Manning, who are continuing Sasha’s research legacy and managing the Shulgin Archive, respectively.

Wendy is supported at Transform Press by an outstanding team, many of whom have joined us within the past four years. These new contributors and our close supporters of many years have been working diligently behind the scenes, and I would like you to know who they are as they continue to maintain and give voice to the Shulgin legacy of research. Some of our staff members have roles at both Transform Press and ASRI. Transform Press staff are listed first in preparation for their website launch with ASRI staff following. Full staff biographies will appear on the Transform Press and ASRI websites.

Melitta von Abele is an independent consultant who has worked closely with Wendy over the past four years developing new publications and advising on new directions for the Press. She has provided hands-on PR consultation in the creation of the new Transform Press website and she has also been contracted to lead the organization of the Shulgin Archive from 2016 to 2017.

Keeper Trout serves as technical editor of Transform Press and will be working alongside Melitta von Abele in overseeing new publications. He is also assisting Melitta this year with the organization of the Shulgin Archive and will stay on to co-manage with Tania Manning. We are very happy to officially acknowledge his many years of generous contribution to both Transform Press and the Shulgin Archive.

Sylvia Thyssen serves as a consulting editor assisting Melitta von Abele and Keeper Trout with new publications.

Stacy Simone handles Transform Press orders and accounts, and provides regular administrative support for Wendy. She also digitizes and systematizes documents, photographs, and other materials for the Shulgin Archive and assists Tania Manning with Archive office administration.

Paul Daley continues his dedicated exploration of Sasha’s legacy of research and preservation of Sasha’s lab at the Shulgin Farm.

Scott Bodarky administers technical consultation and support for ASRI, and provides entrepreneurial leadership for key ASRI projects. He has also worked tirelessly on the first phase of organizing much of the Shulgin Archive material.

Tania Manning worked alongside Sasha for ten years providing many forms of support. She co-authored The Shulgin Index with him and Paul Daley and now manages the development of the Shulgin Archive. She provides daily administration for matters at the Shulgin Farm and serves as my personal assistant. She also curates Sasha’s cactus and ethnobotanical gardens, and is rebuilding the greenhouse.

Greg Manning, Tania’s husband, maintains the Shulgin Farm property and technology interface. He also serves as a website administrator for ASRI and manages Sasha’s Facebook page.

Others who continue to contribute on a project by project basis are Jon Hanna and Earth and Fire Erowid. Their past, present, and future support remains invaluable.

Researchers Nicholas Cozzi and Simon Brandt serve as scientific advisors on many projects at both Transform Press and ASRI.

Mark Martini acts as fundraiser for projects at ASRI and the Shulgin Archive.

Craig Noble, a new arrival, is our marketing director and is guiding us in the branding for ASRI and Transform Press.

And Bradley Bryan, another new arrival, is redesigning the ASRI website and creating a new website for Transform Press, both of which will be fully integrated with social networking platforms.

Transform Press is bringing out three new publications in 2016: The Nature of Drugs, Volume I, which is derived from Sasha’s SFSU course from 1987; Forensic Toxicology, based on Sasha’s lecture notes for the course that he taught regularly at UC Berkeley; and a special memorial edition of PiHKAL and TiHKAL prepared by Joshua Marker featuring unique photographs, additional text, and special commentary by many members of the Shulgin community. We anticipate the Transform Press website launch for March 7, 2016. Please continue to check the ASRI website for upcoming announcements. This promises to be a very productive and rewarding year, and we are grateful to have all of you in our community.


Ann Shulgin


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