Frequently Asked Questions

How is Transform Press related to the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute (ASRI) and what is its mission?

Transform Press and the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute (ASRI) are two distinct organizations that evolved out of Sasha Shulgin’s work. They share the same key principles and resources in the preservation of the Shulgin research legacy, but have individual objectives and procedures. While ASRI is a non-profit enterprise devoted to research and scholarship, Transform Press is a for-profit company whose mission is to disseminate high quality texts in our niche area of psychopharmacology, expand the voice and reach of those discussions, and provide a thriving environment for new authors in the field.

What is the history of Transform Press?

Sasha and Ann Shulgin created Transform Press in 1991 to publish their first book, PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story. The topic and structure of the book were quite controversial at that time and they wished to present the material uncensored. So Transform Press was born.

Until 2008, Sasha and Ann oversaw the operation with the assistance of family, friends, and colleagues. When Sasha’s health began to decline, Wendy Tucker, who had assisted him in production for many years, stepped forward to continue the work. She brought on new consulting editors with fresh perspectives and pushed forward with new publications based on available Shulgin material. When Sasha died in June 2014, she became the legal owner of the company. Under her leadership, Transform Press is now poised to become a full-fledged publishing house with a growing list of new publications and new authors.

How is Transform Press different from other publishers?

Transform Press focuses on the niche subject area of psychopharmacology with a very high scholarly standard. While we aim to represent this area as extensively as possible, we intend to maintain its special focus. Though we have not researched it thoroughly to date, we may be the only publishing house to concentrate on this subject matter exclusively and in such depth.

How does Transform Press compare to other publishers?

Transform Press is a relatively young publishing house in comparison with other houses that publish scholarly material of the same calibre. Our standards and approach are aligned with university publishing houses such as UC Press, but our scope of production is still unfolding. We represent the intersection of high level scholarship and innovative thought through a particular field of study. Rather than offer a menu of general knowledge, we promote a microcosm of ideas and demonstrate their connection to the whole. 

How many books does Transform Press publish each year? Who selects new publications?

As a developing enterprise, Transform Press aims to publish three to five new publications per year over the next five years, increasing our yearly publications after 2020 as submissions multiply. Our current and upcoming new publications are developed from materials in the Shulgin Archive which are part of the Shulgin estate. Soon we will begin accepting unsolicited proposals which will undergo rigorous review by Wendy Tucker and her consulting editors. A formal announcement will post to our website when we are ready for that stage. Eventually, some editors may act as literary agents who actively seek out new texts.

What is the submission process for potential new publication material?

All new submissions should be sent in digital format to Wendy Tucker who will then share the document with her consulting editors. Following a thorough review, authors will be informed whether or not their submission has been accepted.

Is Transform Press involved in digital publishing?

We have just embarked on digital publishing and have two books available as ebooks at this time, with a third to become available this summer. As we move forward with new publications we will make them available digitally. 

Are the books available in other languages?

There are Spanish translations of both PiHKAL and TiHKAL, which can be found hereA Russian translation of PiHKAL came out many years ago through an independent source, but is no longer available as far as we know. 

I would like to get permission access to an excerpt from one of your books. May I do this?

Most likely, yes. Please write to us to discuss it!

Does Transform Press share their information? 

No, we do not share our information with anyone. Your purchases and your inquiries are private and will be kept that way.