• The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact, Volume One & Two Bundle

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    So, what is a drug?

    This is your invitation to “Just Say Know” and explore The Nature of Drugs with renowned chemist Alexander Shulgin in his San Francisco State University lecture hall in 1987. This two-volume set includes lectures 1-23 includes a unique transcription of Sasha’s original lectures recorded by Ann Shulgin during his classes, and stands as the culmination of his philosophy on drugs and the societal and individual freedoms pertaining to their use—both medicinal and exploratory. Here he dives deep into the specific categories of drugs including stimulants, depressants, intoxicants, deliriants, and psychedelics; their chemical makeup and actions; the cultural history of tobacco and alcohol use; the mechanics of drug testing; and more, all with his signature humor and vast wisdom.